At what point are you allowed to call something a fad? To me it seems this year every one and their grandmother has decided to make a hard root beer. They all showed up around the same time. It was nothing and then suddenly an explosion of overly sweet brown fizzy drinks!

We got a few to try them out and this is the first I am reviewing. It is the hard root beer by Crazy Uncle, a company that claims to offer cocktails you can enjoy “without having to be at the most exclusive “speak-easy” or the hottest lounge in town”.

They say to serve their product ‘over ice’ this does not bode well for the flavour. They also mention the flavour is ‘crisp and refreshing’, this frightens me.

This drink is available at the LCBO for just $2.95 and sits at 5% ABV.

Lets get on with the review!
Appearance: Dark brown, artificial. Soft head that fades fast.
Aroma: Lots of caramel and vanilla. Bit of cinnamon.
Taste: Super sweet. Lots of caramel and can almost feel the sugar granules. Vanilla stays. A good amount of licorice.
Aftertaste: It’s thick stays sweet. That sweetness wont go away until I have some water, not pleasant.
Overall: Way too sweet for my taste but others might like it. The booze is hidden well. I prefer to taste the booze.

Kole McRae

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