Last Straw Distillery is a brand new entrant to the ever growing list of distilleries here in Toronto. Along with Yonghurst and Toronto Distillery Co they are helping to bring craft distilling back to our great city. I’ll do a proper overview of the entire company soon enough but for now I am reviewing one of… Read More

At what point are you allowed to call something a fad? To me it seems this year every one and their grandmother has decided to make a hard root beer. They all showed up around the same time. It was nothing and then suddenly an explosion of overly sweet brown fizzy drinks! We got a… Read More

Lets be honest, we purchased this wine because of the moose on the bottle. It screamed Canadian to us and we’re suckers for a bit of Canadiana. Konzelmann Estate Winery is based out of the Niagara region. They claim they make Germanic whites (and complex reds!) which is a style I can get behind. It’s… Read More