I am not sure exactly when it happened – but my local LCBO has slowly been taken over by Furnace Room Brewery, a place that in over 300 reviews has not yet shown up on this here website! Their Chicken Man Pale Ale certainly grabs the eye, but today I want to focus on their stronger offering: The Fermentator Double IPA.

Sadly there seems to be very little information about this beer available as far as I can find. Most of the marketing copy just talks about what a double IPA is in general. It’s described as a tropical beer, but it would be nice to know which hops are in it. I guess I may have to go on pure tasting above anything else.

Though to be fair: that can design is amazing. Props go out to Lisa Farrows and Furnace Room Brewery can designer Olga de Wit. Maybe the can design does all the talking for them.

The beer sits at 8% ABV and you can purchase a can for $4.25 at the LCBO.

Appearance: Super hazy and cloudy so unfiltered. Very white and thick head.
Aroma: Tangerine and orange peel. Hint of pepper.
Taste: More balanced than expected. Orange is there but also vanilla and fresh buns. Tropical fruit, but more of a hint than the hop bomb I expected.
Overall: Better than expected. Well balanced which is rare for a double ipa. Pair it with Thai food.

I only got the one can to try it out, but honestly it’s good enough it may become a normal part of my beer fridge. It’s balanced, bright and tasty without getting too heavy.

Kole McRae

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