Warning: this review is going to be biased. For quite a few reasons:

First, Fancy Lads Lemon Sherbet IPA (by Rorschach) is made in collaboration with Robin and Jordan of The Ontario Craft Beer Guide (now a wonderful podcast). I happen to be a supporter of the podcast via Patreon amongst other things. I’ve also known the pair for years, from beer events to hanging with Jordan while we wax philosophical about baseball.

Second, money from every can sold ($0.25) goes to Story Planet, a wonderful charity here in Toronto that is dedicated to amplifying the voices of children and young people in Toronto’s equity-seeking communities.

Let’s get to the beer though – it’s called a Lemon Sherbet IPA, which certainly raised my eyebrows a bit. From my knowledge of the brewers, I knew I shouldn’t expect a Mike’s Hard style experience, so I was curious how it would come out. Especially given that they used an adjunct like vanilla in it, not your standard IPA ingredient.

The beer sits at 5% ABV and can be purchased from Rorschach for $3.50 a can. They still deliver, we got this the day after we ordered.

On to the tasting notes:

Appearance: Fluffy white head that lasts. Unfiltered golden colour with froth.
Aroma: Lemon juice mixed with lemon pith right away. Shawna says it reminds her of gelato from Bar Ape. Hint of pepper. Vanilla comes in a bit later to cut all the tartness.
Taste: Lemon isn’t as strong as expected from the aroma. It’s there, but more subtle. A backbone of pizza dough helps keep it reasonable. While it has some sweetness, it is very well balanced. Think less like a pie, and more like… well it’s hard to describe. Imagine something closer to a Chinese black bean paste but more citrus like.
Aftertaste: Lemon rind.
Overall: Very tasty. Not as over the top as expected, instead it is super refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer day. I’d use it as a desert beer if you are so inclined – pair with some macarons or other light, but not too sweet, affair.

Kole McRae

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