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After getting a bit blurry with the local beers we moved on to the section we were most excited for: the Irish pavilion.

I’m not sure who sponsored whom and what money changed hands but Tourism Ireland had an entire section all to themselves.

Within this section was some absolutely amazing live music. This music accompanied beer from all over Ireland. The best part was that most of it was craft and not just the big well known brands.

On Shawna’s first trip to Ireland many moons ago she visited a little brewpub and got yelled at by the guy behind the bar. Surprisingly that brewpub just happened to be at the event, which was fun.

Outside of all the beer there was also plenty of food to choose from. Some choice places included: Pizza Libretto and Rock Lobster (funnily enough right next to the Boston Lager tent, kind of fitting.

We decided on the Pie Commission for our gourmet fare. I had a pulled pork and maceroni & cheese pie that blew my mind.

In terms of music we were there Saturday night so we got to listen to 54-40. They were good but not exactly ‘super stars’ in status. I can only really name one song of their from memory. It was entertaining though and went well with the beer.

There was one part of the experience that we would have loved to experience but sadly did not have the time: the classes.

There were cooking classes, beer pairing classes, home brewing classes and more. These always serve as a great break from downing beers and generally you learn something cool and interesting. I know a few of the presenters and I am sure they were captivating.

In terms of the overall festival experience you really get out of it exactly what you want. While there are a bunch of ‘bros’ there just to get drunk, there are also plenty of craft beer lovers there to learn and experience more of what beer has to offer.



Kole McRae

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