This review is coming a little bit late, this is mostly due to the fact that I was on my honeymoon in Thailand for a few weeks, so I hope you can let my lateness slide a bit… Let’s have a chat about the Toronto Cider Festival. We’ve been friends with them since their inception… Read More

During a recent SOBDL event Shawna spun a wheel and won a free tour from the guys behind the Backyard Beer Tour. I decided to tag along and below are my thoughts on the new brewery tour in Toronto. A few important notes: We have been on numerous beer and alcohol tours around the world including… Read More

I have to say, we had a hell of a weekend. The Saturday started with an exciting game of Jays baseball and then the Toronto Cider Festival to top it off. We had a few remarks about the festival last year so I think this year I’ll see what they improved upon first: Club Like… Read More