PictureUPDATE: They now have a site up and running. Check it out here.

I really dislike when a company doesn’t have a proper website. It makes it quite hard to get official information on their drinks. Sadly it looks like Collingwood is still working on theirs. In fact I couldn’t even find a proper official site.

The description of this whiskey is what first caught my eye. It is a blended and aged Canadian whiskey but they used toasted maple wood as a finish. This can add some real depth to a whiskey though others say it can hide flavours.

I originally had this in a glencairn glass all on it’s own but cooled a bit with a splash of water brought out much more flavour.

You can pick up a bottle right now at the LCBO for $32.95 and it sits at 40% ABV which is the standard in Canada.

Appearance: Deep golden orange with nice thick legs.
Aroma: Toffee and pepper. Lemon zest. Tropical banana smells.
Taste: Vanilla and pepper. But of caramel.
Aftertaste:  Blueberries.
Overall: A wonderful whisky.

Kole McRae

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