We’re at the halfway mark for this year’s edition of the 8 Beers of Chanukah, and I’m feeling nostalgic for the warmer months of 2020, where we did a lot of hiking around southern Ontario since it was one of the few pandemic safe activities we could enjoy. A summer of intense hiking lead to a newfound appreciation for lagers and pilsners, two styles I avoided for many years. Enter Caledon Hills Brewing Co. and a very refreshing Bohemian Pils, that weighs in at 4.2% ABV and will set you back $3.15 at the LCBO. Local delivery is available from this Caledon brewery in the town itself, as well as Brampton, Erin, Orangeville, Alliston, Tottenham, Mono, Georgetown, Acton, and Nobleton, to keep our friends in the Halton and Peel regions well hydrated.

I spent a lot of time this summer hiking around Orangeville, Mono and Georgetown, and yet I somehow managed to not find out about this brewery until hiking season was drawing to a close. Instead, I had to satisfy my thirst through a stop at the LCBO, and a twinge of nostalgia for the woods spoke to me. I’m glad I listened, and next time I’m driving along Highway 9 to get lost in the woods, I will make a detour, plague permitting. After all, nothing replenishes the lost carbohydrates from a hike like a refreshing locally brewed beer, this time from the Headwaters region. I might have to treat myself to some new hiking gear this Chanukah, since I did quite the number on my boots last season.

Appearance: Filtered golden beer with a frothy, thick long-lasting snow-white head.

Aroma: Grassy hop aroma and clean biscuit notes. The beer is brewed using Bohemian pilsner malt.

Taste: Lightly toasted fresh bread, grass after a summer rain, light pine needle notes.

Aftertaste: Light malt notes with hints of caramel, quickly fades.

Food pairing: We washed down some chocolate Sufanyiot Chanukah donuts with this beer, and it was everything we needed this afternoon.

Overall: Enjoy this with some board games, it’s going to be a long winter but this beer evokes memories of summer and happier times.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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