Night 6 of my 8 crazy nights of Chanukah beers, and I’ve discovered that Kole drank some of the beers I intended to write about for the final few days. I mostly forgive him, as our fridge is currently filled with unique beers that I won’t let him touch, and a few slipped through the cracks. Today’s edition of the 8 Beers of Chanukah is a unique brew from Stockholm, Sweden’s Omnipollo, a brewery known for making eclectic beers. The Omnipollo Bianca Mango Gose certainly fits that description.

Although Omnipollo is based out of Stockholm, the Canadian market actually gets their Omnipollo from a far more local source, brewed right here in Toronto to keep things fresh in the distribution chain. After all, beer is typically best enjoyed fresh, and a long sea voyage across the Atlantic is not the most conducive way to preserve beer. Distributed by the independent bottle shop, The Bodega, and repped by The Craft Brand Company, Omnipollo is available province-wide with $10 flat rate shipping. A tall can will set you back $4.25 through The Bodega, and clock in at 6% ABV. This taste of summer is brewed at Brunswick Bierworks, an east-end partner brewery that does the Canadian production for a number of international brands, including Omnipollo and Mikkeller.

This is definitely not your uncle Shlomo’s beer. Full disclosure, this beer was included in a mixed pack I received from The Craft Brand Company for some freelance work I did for them hosting a beer tasting event in French.

Appearance: Thick, opaque orange colour that reminds me a bit of Metamucil, cause I’m old now. Thick but rapidly fading head that resembles the froth on an orange julep.

Aroma: Mango juice, like the kind from a Shawarma restaurant that has 14% real juice.

Taste: Salt, with lots of mango juice. Creamy mouth feel from the addition of lactose in this brew.

Aftertaste: Biscuit and mango.

Food pairing: A South Indian dosa would do the trick nicely.

Overall: This beer would be a huge hit in the summer months. On a cold December day, it passed the time nicely while sitting on hold with Service Canada.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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