As the days have gotten warmer we have discovered we spend more and more time in the backyard accompanied by the dog. We also discover that while spending time in the backyard we have this strange need to have a beer – funny how beautiful weather and beer go well together. Today’s beer is La… Read More

Every time I curiously grab a can of Mascot Pilsner in the LCBO, Kole gently shakes his head and puts it back on the shelf. We haven’t had a much success at that bar, and we’ve kind of given up on it. But I was in the LCBO unsupervised on Sunday, so I decided to… Read More

Surprisingly one of the first beers I tried by Mill St was their Lemon Tea Beer. While I’d like to say I was drinking them way back when they only had one beer, I simply can’t claim that. I’m an honest man. The Lemon Tea Beer is a summer seasonal that mixes a wheat beer… Read More