We really don’t give enough love to the guys over at Stack Brewing. Maybe it’s because they are WAY over there in Sudbury or maybe it’s because we’ve gotten so used to weird sour beers exploding our pallet that we don’t give the simple beers they make a chance? It just happened to be Saturday… Read More

From what I have been told, the guys at Blood Brothers Brewing are some of the hardest working in the industry. I can’t confirm this but it seems they both have kept their full time jobs while at the same time running their full brewery (no contracts here!) in the evenings and weekends. They are… Read More

In basic terms a kellerbier is an unfiltered lager (yes, it CAN be an ale, but now a days very few breweries make it that way). It’s a german style and the story goes that this is the beer that the brewmaster would have in his cellar and only server to his esteemed guests. We… Read More

While fighting waves of summer heat the past few days we have taken the time to delve into the world of white wines. While we generally prefer a robust red, the whites seem very appealing when it’s too hot to move. With this in mind we grabbed a bottle of Homegrown Riesling by Megalomaniac from… Read More