With these cold winter nights starting to dip below -20 it’s time to warm up with one of my favourite past-times: sipping whisky.

Today I am sampling the Blue Blend Whisky by Stillwaters Distillery. The only other product I have had of theirs is the original “Stalk & Barrel.” They now have a red and blue blend.

While the bottle is light on details they do list on their website this whisky is a blend of their single malt, rye and corn. It doesn’t give any age statement and judging by the colour and taste I would guess it’s quite young (probably 3 years old but I could be wrong).

Basically everything I’ve read about this one lists it as “perfect for mixing” and I would agree. While it could certainly be sipped straight like I did, it would do a far better job with some bubbly water. In short, I would rate it similar to the red blend of a certain famous scotch brand.

Seeing as you can buy a bottle at the LCBO for only $27.20, Id say that’s not bad. It sits at 40% ABV.

Appearance: Nice thick legs, light golden colour. Like straw.
Aroma: Confected vanilla, caramel and butterscotch.
Taste: sweet vanilla which fades to alcohol burn. Kind of salted caramel like finish. Coats the mouth.
Overall: A bit sweet for my taste but not bad. Could spend some more time in a barrel to round it out. Could be better with some toasted notes. Would work in a mix drink or even just with some seltzer.

Kole McRae

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