wpid-img_20150311_220518.jpgBeing booze writers we are never quite happy with the selection available at our local LCBO. It’s one of those small locations with 8000 bottles of Bud and one little 6-pack from Mill St in the craft beer section. When we want something interesting we always have to make the pilgrimage to the amazing Summerhill LCBO location. That one is like a fairy land for us!

While there, Shawna and I went on a hunt for Ontario made alcohol that wasn’t beer.

You see, we review a lot of beer and we like to spread away into spirits and wines if we can.

That’s when Shawna chanced upon a bottle of Stalk and Barrel Canadian Whisky by Still Waters Distillery.

While we were able to visit the fine folks over at Toronto Distillery Co, we haven’t had a chance to visit Still Waters. If you read the article you may notice that Toronto Distillery Co is the first distiller in the city of Toronto since god knows when. Some people may be confused as Still Waters Distillery has most certainly been around longer than that.

The thing is, Still Waters is based out of Concord Ontario, not Toronto. Which is part of the GTA, but not the city proper.

The bottle we picked up was the ‘Canadian Whisky’ which is a blended whisky with no age statement. Based on the colour and the age of the company I would guess it’s been barrel aged for the minimum 3 years required to be called a Canadian whisky. Not that that’s a bad thing, older doesn’t always mean better. They do have a single malt available but it comes at a much heftier price tag.

You can buy a bottle of this Canadian whisky at the LCBO for $39.95 and it sits at exactly 40%, which is the Canadian standard.

Now for my tasting notes:

Appearance: Very pale yellow. Looks like apple juice. Wasn’t barrel aged long, probably the minimum 3 years. Nice thick legs. No false colouring.
Aroma: Cinnamon and banana. Honey and oak. Light with poppy seed and lemon.
Taste: Very light with a soft mouth feel. Alcohol burn on the finish. Sweet honey notes with cinnamon. The citrus seems to be hidden now. Caramel starts after a sip. Orange peel shows up too. A little hint of ginger to keep things fresh. That’s a good word I’d use to describe this: fresh.
Aftertaste: Alcohol burn. Very clean. Lingering citrus.
Overall: Satisfying and light.

Kole McRae

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