0Surprisingly one of the first beers I tried by Mill St was their Lemon Tea Beer. While I’d like to say I was drinking them way back when they only had one beer, I simply can’t claim that. I’m an honest man.

The Lemon Tea Beer is a summer seasonal that mixes a wheat beer with earl grey and orange pekoe teas and some citrus.

You can purchase Lemon Tea Beer at the LCBO for $2.90 a can and it sits at 5% ABV.

On to tasting notes:
Appearance: Light golden colouring. Pure white head. Filtered.
Aroma: Lots of citrus, it over powers everything else. A slight sweetness, probably from some pilsner malts.
Taste: As I expected, tons and tons of citrus. Also picking up the Earl Grey tea here and it is very enjoyable. It ads a nice bitterness to it.
Aftertaste: Almost none to speak of.
Overall: A nice refreshing summer beer.

Kole McRae

Founder of Toronto Booze Hound. He can be seen drinking almost anything in the wild from beer to rum. Try not to startle him, he may use humour as a self defence method.

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