wpid-img_20150524_205128.jpgWe are pretty excited about Rainhard Brewing Co. opening their doors in the Junction last week. We recently tried a pint of the flagship Armed N’ Citra at Wvrst and I was lucky enough to try one of the very first kegs released to the public at the March event for the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, but this was our very first visit to the brand spanking new brewery. They were our first stop on a very blurry Friday night that saw us visiting 3 breweries and a distillery. We made our way through a VERY reasonably priced sampling menu at the brewery and brought home a few of the 650 ml bombers to give it a fair sampling on a full stomach. We decided to give Lazy Bones a try while our very own lazy dog lazed around nearby.

The Junction has the amazing distinction of being dry until 1998 (for those wpid-img_20150515_191834.jpgof you counting – I’ve been legally allowed to buy alcohol in Ontario since 2002, or my own province in 2001). Thanks, Prohibition. You continue to amaze me.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the progress over at Rainhard Brewing for a few months now. A new brewery in the west end is always an exciting prospect, and I happen to love old converted industrial spaces.

Appearance: Luscious amber colour, unfiltered. Head lasted fairly well, the phone rang between pouring and sipping, and I ended up chatting a while. Head lasted better in Kole’s balloon glass versus my fancy pants SOBDL glass.
Aroma: Mango, passion fruit, and strawberries. Hop profile includes galaxy, mosaic, centennial and amarillo hops, which explains the lovely aromas.
Taste: Light biscuiwpid-img_20150515_190135.jpgty malts, pineapple tropical flavours on the palate.
Aftertaste: Different citrus notes, possibly grapefruit or even pomelo.
Overall: A lovely IPA. We recommend serving it with a goat cheese for complimentary rich flavours, or maybe even a herb crusted sheep’s cheese from Montforte Dairy. We love a good cheese with our beer.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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