In my last review of Mad & Noisy I spent a large part of the review pointing out that it was a brand created by Molson to be a ‘fake’ craft brewer.

That was a tad harsh of me. 

Yes, Mad & Noisy is owned by Creemore Springs which itself is owned by Molson, but I should focus on the beer itself, not the politics behind in.

With that in mind I grabbed a couple cans of their summer seasonal: Hop & Weizen.

This is a wheat based beer that supposedly combines both the sweet banana like flavours of a German style wheat beer with the strong grapefruit hop profile of West Coast beers.

While I certainly picked up on the wheat, the hops was almost impossible to taste. At only 17 IBU’s I can see why. To put that into perspective, the average IBU of a West Coast IPA sits between 40 and 70.

You can Purchase a can for $2.90 at the LCBO and it sits at 4.7% ABV.

Appearance: Light gold or yellow. Straw like. Thick white head that stays well. Unfiltered.
Aroma: Banana hits first and other tropical fruits. Soft bread like malt backbone. A little vanilla.
Taste: The same as the aroma – lots of banana and bread. A little hops, but nothing like an IPA. Not sure what they mean by West Coast vibe, there is no grapefruit I can pick up. Just the wheat beer character.
Aftertaste: Subtle and soft.
Overall: A great wheat beer but nothing that blows my mind.

Kole McRae

Founder of Toronto Booze Hound. He can be seen drinking almost anything in the wild from beer to rum. Try not to startle him, he may use humour as a self defence method.

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