I first encountered Muskoka’s Summerweiss while on a camping trip. We stopped at their brewery on the way to Algonquin and picked up the Survival Pack. I instantly fell in love with the Weiss, it just fit camping so perfectly. One of my favourite parts of what beers is the use of a unique yeast… Read More

In my last review of Mad & Noisy I spent a large part of the review pointing out that it was a brand created by Molson to be a ‘fake’ craft brewer. That was a tad harsh of me.  Yes, Mad & Noisy is owned by Creemore Springs which itself is owned by Molson, but… Read More

After a weekend of entertaining guests and going on long walks we needed a night of relaxation. This means getting Weeds up on Netflix, reclinging on a couch, playing with our cute little ratties and having a beer. The beer was Sidelaunch. And it was good. More specifically it was ‘Wheat’ by Side Launch Brewing… Read More