PictureI absolutely love camping and everything to do with it. In fact, next week I will be doing some deep woods camping, far from much of human life. Which should be fun!

One of my favourites bits about going camping is that Shawna and I get a chance to visit breweries that are a tad farther from Toronto than we can walk to.

One of those breweries was Hockley. While we didn’t get to spend too much time there it was cool to see the area the beer is brewed in.

The ‘Hockley Classic’ is a very ‘classic’ style American light lager so I would expect a super light, easy drinking lager with a focus on the light malts.

You can purchase the Hockley Classic at the LCBO for just $2.55 a can and it sits at 5% ABV.

On to my tasting notes:

Appearance: Classic gold lager with a nice pure white head.
Aroma: Very light. Slight apples and bread.
Taste: Light and refreshing for sure. Nice bread comes through but not much else.
Aftertaste: Didn’t even notice it. Fast and dry.
Overall: A standard light lager that didn’t offend.

Kole McRae

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