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It’s been long rumoured and guessed at what exactly Creemore Springs (Owned by Molson-Coors) would be doing with the location of their former ‘Beer Academy’ and now I can officially tell you:

A gastropub.

Not exactly a stretch given that the location has been the home of brew pubs for over a decade now. The issue is the amount of times this location has changed hands in that time!

First it was Denison’s (now Sidelaunch!), which sadly closed in 2003. Then it became a Duggan’s (still Duggan’s, but now located at Parkdale) which closed down in 2011. Finally it was turned into Beer Academy, which was owned by ‘Six Pints’ which was owned by Molson-Coors. This closed down late in 2014.

That’s a lot of brew pubs!

Batch will have a list of 10 beers on tap. 6 of these beers will be brewed in-house by Andrew Bartle, a graduate of Niagara College’s brewing program and former head brewer at Northwinds Brewery.

The menu was directed by Chef Ben Heaton and is said to incorporate local ingredients with a ‘farm to table’ mindset. The food is described as comfort food that will pair well with the craft beer.

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