It’s been long rumoured and guessed at what exactly Creemore Springs (Owned by Molson-Coors) would be doing with the location of their former ‘Beer Academy’ and now I can officially tell you: A gastropub. Not exactly a stretch given that the location has been the home of brew pubs for over a decade now. The… Read More

We are back! It’s time for episode 2, all about Molson Brewery! They have a long and fun history here in Canada and have created some super memorable advertising campaigns. You can download it by clicking here: Download the MP3 of the podcast. Or Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe here. Or Android! Subscribe here. Or some… Read More

According to the marketing copy I found about this beer, the ‘Lot 9’ refers to an ‘almost unfarmable’ lot of land purchased by the original owners of Creemore. While their traditional beer is a lager, they are calling this one a pilsner. A pilsner is a German style of beer that uses lager yeast but… Read More

I did it. I had a Molson Canadian. This isn’t too shocking a thing to say. I’ve had it numerous times throughout my life. Though it’s been a very long time since I’ve had one. Today is the Super Bowl and Molson Canadian is probably going to be drunk by the gallon. Making today a… Read More