It’s been long rumoured and guessed at what exactly Creemore Springs (Owned by Molson-Coors) would be doing with the location of their former ‘Beer Academy’ and now I can officially tell you: A gastropub. Not exactly a stretch given that the location has been the home of brew pubs for over a decade now. The… Read More

The Old Toronto Beer Tour is an opportunity to get day drunk at finer beer establishments across the city with the added bonus of a designated driver. Kole and I had the opportunity to join the January departure as invited guests of the company. You can offer one to your loved one for $129 per person… Read More

Look at that can. It just SCREAMS ‘craft beer.’ It’s fun, it has a creative name, it’s brightly coloured and really stands out at the LCBO. When you take a closer look it tells you that it’s ‘Not for the Faint of Hops.’ That’s a great tag line. And it’s an India Pale… Lager? An… Read More