PictureI am currently enrolled at Second City. After one vigorous class I discovered just how close the Second City Learning Centre is to Bar Hop. Meaning every class from now on is going to end with a beer or two.

On that visit I had to give a try to Forked River’s Catharsis.

I picked this beer for one simple reason: It is a Belgian style quad, which is one of my all-time favourite styles of beer. They generally have a nice spiciness to them and at high ABV can generally warm you up in cold weather.

Sadly this beer does not seem to be available in the LCBO and is not listed on the Forked River website. I do not remember the ABV at the moment but will reach out for it.

Appearance: Black with thick off white head.
Aroma: Bit if clove and vanilla.
Taste: Chocolate, vanilla, cherry and clove. Spiciness at the back of the tongue. Lovely cinnamon. Thick with a nice alcohol warmth.
Aftertaste: A soft bitterness.
Overall: Lovely.

Kole McRae

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