Note: This bottle was provided FOC specifically for a review. As I’ve mentioned before and will certainly say again: I love when liquids are put into barrels. It always results in amazing things happening. One such amazing thing is the Eight or Better beer by The Publican House. This is a “strong ale” which I… Read More

I really like Shacklands. The new brewery on the same block as Rainhard and the upcoming location for Junction Craft Brewing (when they finally cut through all the red tape!) is very unique in its feel and in its beer. The brewery itself is filled to the brim with nostalgia. I don’t want to ruin… Read More

You know what? I really like Bell City. They are a brand new brewery and the started with a cream ale, which is a nice departure from the standard IPA most new craft breweries start with. Not only that, they now have a Belgian ale, which is my favourite style of beer. I used to… Read More

I am currently enrolled at Second City. After one vigorous class I discovered just how close the Second City Learning Centre is to Bar Hop. Meaning every class from now on is going to end with a beer or two. On that visit I had to give a try to Forked River’s Catharsis. I picked… Read More