It’s quite rare that a vodka has an interesting enough story that it perks our interest. The vast majority just focus on where they are made or how “pure” theirs is. The people over at Dairy Distillery though are doing something completely different and we had to check it out.

All you really need to make alcohol is some kind of sugar – as you might know milk has lactose, a natural sugar that has been distilled into alcohol for centuries. The issue in the past has been the high cost of milk. Dairy Distillery saw opportunity though. When dairy is processed for the cheese and yogurt industry there is a waste product called milk permeate, most of which is dumped. They simply buy up this permeate for cheap and are able to make the vodka you see in the photo above. 

On top of that interesting story is the fact that this is a small distillery based out of Almonte, Ontario which is just outside of Ottawa. Combine all that with a surprisingly low price of only $36 and you have yourself a winner.

Vodkow sits at the normal 40% ABV.

On to the tasting notes:

Appearance: Totally clear with average legs for the alcohol content.
Aroma: A little over ripe apple and soda crackers.
Taste: Very sugary, tropical fruit like apples and pineapple. Very creamy mouth feel with a longish finish.
Aftertaste: Also sweet, banana maybe.
Overall: Through the power of suggestion we want milk and cookies. The thicker mouth feel reminds us of milk but that might be just marketing suggestion. Certainly an enjoyable vodka, especially for the price and cute bottle.

Kole McRae

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  • Amazing. My partner is from Findland., knowing these guys love there vodka. He said one of the best he had. Heard about your business listening to CBC at 4:00 pm. Keep up the good work. I admire creative mind. 🌞

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