It’s officially gotten way too cold in Toronto. Last night it dipped below -20 with the wind chill and I was not a happy camper. Luckily there was beer to save me! Specifically we had a few cans of Winterweiss sitting around to warm the cockles of our hearts. Winterweiss is a seasonal brew by… Read More

I love the guys over at Great Lakes. They make some of the best IPA’s I have ever tested and can easily stand alone against some of the big US breweries. Audrey Hopburn is a Belgian style IPA which has become quite popular in the past few years. The style generally has the bitterness of… Read More

I am currently enrolled at Second City. After one vigorous class I discovered just how close the Second City Learning Centre is to Bar Hop. Meaning every class from now on is going to end with a beer or two. On that visit I had to give a try to Forked River’s Catharsis. I picked… Read More

Lately we have been somewhat avoiding Trafalger Ales and Meads. It wasn’t a personal thing, we just hadn’t enjoyed the offerings of theirs that we had had. Recently at the Ontario Brewing Awards they won a slew of awards including ‘Newcomer of the Year.’ Which is a bit strange seeing as they’ve been around since… Read More