Where the hell did these guys come from? Here I was, minding my own business watching the Canadians come back from 3-0 in the playoffs when I noticed a strange logo on a glass. The logo said ‘Woodhouse Brewing Co.’ My first thought was that it must be some kind of beer from the strange place… Read More

Well here it goes: I’m about to review a Sleeman product. Generally we focus on craft beers here but we do have to hit up the macros from time to time. Sleeman is one of the largest beer producers in the province. It is owned by Sapporo which in turn also owns Unibroue over in Quebec.… Read More

According to the marketing copy I found about this beer, the ‘Lot 9’ refers to an ‘almost unfarmable’ lot of land purchased by the original owners of Creemore. While their traditional beer is a lager, they are calling this one a pilsner. A pilsner is a German style of beer that uses lager yeast but… Read More

Bocks have got to be one of my all-time favourite beers available. While I’m generally an ale fanatic (especially if it has imperial anywhere in the name) the lager that can always make my mouth water is a bock. The story goes that bocks were originally brewed for monks that would fast during the spring… Read More