IMG_20150609_150003-300x222The more Muskoka Brewery I have the more I seem to like it. First it was the Mad Tom that caught my attention, then the Summer Weiss made me fall in love and now I am even falling for the lager.

Recently we were able to visit Muskoka Brewery itself in Bracebridge, Ontario. It was a cool place and I highely recommend you make the trek. We were on our way to Algonquin park for some camping, the summer pack was a great addition to our camping supplies.

Within the pack was a couple of their Craft Lager. While I usually shy away from lagers I was sort of forced to try this by the fact it was in the box!

I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised.

You can pick up a can at the LCBO for $2.90 and it sits at 4.8% ABV.

Appearance: Beautiful gold colour, nice white head that lasted quite a while. Unfiltered.
Aroma: Like fresh baked bread. Molasses as well.
Taste: The fresh bread opens up and the molasses turns into apple. Crisp and light mouth feel.
Aftertaste: Just a light bitter hop.
Overall: A nice light refreshing beer. Perfect for the dock or patio.

Kole McRae

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