The one thing I hear mentioned a lot in craft beer circles is that Creemore Springs has maintained there high quality even after being purchased by Molson. Their Kellerbier is certainly a bit different than the safety net Molson generally likes to stay in. For one thing it is unfiltered, meaning it will be cloudy… Read More

I really like how that photo over there came out. It’s like a professional shot. Maybe the guys at Old Flame can use it for marketing or something. I had this beer at The Craft in Liberty Village. They have 120 taps so it’s always hard to decide what I want. I choose Old Flame… Read More

On the left there you can see the bounty of us going to far too many beer festivals. At almost every single one of them Steam Whistle is giving away these tour vouchers. We aren’t complaining though. With each tour comes free beer, so it’s a win. I should start by saying both myself and… Read More