IMG_20150616_202022I’ve mentioned it a few times that we went on a wonderful camping trip to Algonquin Park and on the way hit up a whole bunch of breweries. One of those was Flying Monkeys.

This beer caught our attention specifically as it is a hibiscus pale lager. While not an official beer style you can guess that it will be a light tasting, easy drinking beer with more flavour than your standard lager.

Sadly we had our dog with us and was unable to do the brewery tour. Maybe next time!

Sadly this beer is only available at the brewery or at The Beer Store, it is NOT available from the LCBO. It costs $13.75 at the Beer Store for a six pack. The beer sits at 4.1% ABV.

Here be my tasting notes:

Appearance: Red and cloudy, certainly unfiltered. Nice white head.
Aroma: Cherry and hibiscus. Very sour and tart.
Taste: Way less cherry than the aroma. Much more bready with a bit of bitterness from the hops. It’s very light and easy drinking. Some citrus starts to sneak in.
Aftertaste: Very feint hint of bitterness.
Overall: Very unique and great for the summer.

Kole McRae

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