It was an event filled with great wine, wonderful food and unique but somehow fitting music. The iYellow Harvest Ontario was one of the best events I’ve been to this year. And that’s saying something! When I first entered I was greeted with three stickers and a nice (actual glass) glass. I point out that… Read More

Tonight we are heading to Cask Days and I couldn’t be more excited! We got our tickets quote some time ago and the build up has been intense. For those not in the know: Cask Days is an event at Brickworks that goes on all weekend this weekend. It features HUNDREDS of unique beers, all… Read More

This Saturday was the very first Toronto Cider Fest. When we first arrived at the event we saw a big sign that said ‘Tickets Sold Out!’ which I must say for a first event is a hell of an accomplishment. We covered the festival a bit in our preview post found here. This post will… Read More

There on the left is Monty. Better known as Jon Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist best known for grabbing a pitcher of beer from a passerby during his gold medal celebrations and drinking it while walking the streets. He also happens to be the host of Canada’s The Amazing Race. He teamed up with Old Tomorrow… Read More