IMG_20151105_191319It was an event filled with great wine, wonderful food and unique but somehow fitting music. The iYellow Harvest Ontario was one of the best events I’ve been to this year.

And that’s saying something!

When I first entered I was greeted with three stickers and a nice (actual glass) glass. I point out that it was glass because I am still pissed off that the Toronto Festival of Beer uses plastic now!

The stickers were used to mark our favourite wines of the night, which should be done early as this event had unlimited samples. Lets just say things got a bit blurry pretty fast.

That’s another great point: this event had unlimited samples. While the ticket price wasn’t cheap ($49 per ticket) you could try as much wine and eat as much food as you wanted. No buying tickets or tokens!

The wine selection was all Ontario and featured some surprising vineyards that I had never tried before. There were over 50 wines available. IMG_20151105_192922

As for food, it was wonderful. At one corner they had a whole roasted pig that was being shredded up for sandwiches (complete with coleslaw that was to die for!) and at the other corner they had a wonderful cheese tray. Maybe next year they could leave some pairing notes for the cheese so people could try combining them with the wines they were tasting.

The music was unique. Instead of a jazz or classical band that I would expect they had a bluegrass/country style band with a slide guitar and stand up bass. The music was somehow fitting though and not too loud, so we could still talk without yelling.

In the end I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back next year!

Kole McRae

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