CR97dM7UcAAgYkbTonight we are heading to Cask Days and I couldn’t be more excited! We got our tickets quote some time ago and the build up has been intense.

For those not in the know:

Cask Days is an event at Brickworks that goes on all weekend this weekend. It features HUNDREDS of unique beers, all fermented in casks. These beers have been imported from North America and the UK but of course there is a distinct slant towards Canadian brews.

You can see a list of the beers that will be available here. 

Since all of the beers are cask fermented this means the beers will be two things: not as cold as you might be used to and have a slightly different feel to the carbonation.

From what I’ve heard this seems to be the only beer event that all the crotchety beer writers in the city agree on.

Cask Days had humble beginnings as a relatively small event hosted at Bar Volo but has grown to become one of the largest beer events in the city.

As a bit of good news it’s been confirmed that the Blue Jays game will be played tonight so you wont miss a moment while enjoying some great craft beer!

We will be there tonight so come say hi!


Kole McRae

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