I just discovered that we have yet to talk about Revel Cider Co on this site, time to change that! Based out of Guelph, Tariq Ahmed (the founder of Revel) really likes to experiment with his ciders. This specific example is dry hopped with the famed Hop X. Hop X is a mysterious hop grown… Read More

We absolutely love hiking the trails around Brickworks. They are beautiful and have the added bonus that once you are done your hike you can reward yourself with a drink! That’s how we first tried Ernest Cider. Ernest uses local apples (duh!) and a touch of local honey. Generally I find adding sweetener to a… Read More

I have to say, we had a hell of a weekend. The Saturday started with an exciting game of Jays baseball and then the Toronto Cider Festival to top it off. We had a few remarks about the festival last year so I think this year I’ll see what they improved upon first: Club Like… Read More

Last year we had a wonderful time at the Toronto Cider Festival and we are sure this year will be no different. They have already announced that they will have 20 cideries and tons of food pairings to go along with their great products. We loved the atmosphere last year and this year wont be… Read More

Good morning! Today grocery stores across Ontario are finally allowed to sell cider! This morning in my home town of Waterloo, Ontario, Kathleen Wynne made the announcement that the current list of grocery stores allowed to sell beer will also be able to sell cider. Last December 60 grocery stores across the province began selling… Read More