We absolutely love hiking the trails around Brickworks. They are beautiful and have the added bonus that once you are done your hike you can reward yourself with a drink!

That’s how we first tried Ernest Cider.

Ernest uses local apples (duh!) and a touch of local honey. Generally I find adding sweetener to a cider is a bit much but we shall see how it effects the overall flavour.

Ernest Dry Cider comes to $3.25 and sits at 6.3% ABV.

Here be the tasting notes:

Appearance: Light straw. No head. Filtered.
Aroma: Honey, brown sugar and melon.
Taste: Balanced honey and a bit of smoke. Bit of tree bark but a punch of brown sugar.
Aftertaste: Simple, short and dry.
Overall: A wonderful dry Cider.

Kole McRae

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