You might notice a bit of an uptick in Boozehound posts. I think you can gather that with all this Covid-19 stuff we suddenly have far more time for projects like this.

A while back I got a little obsessive about my sound set up at home. We had a soundbar connected to our TV. While it sounded great I felt I wasn’t taking full advantage of this powerful tech toy. I had connected it with a simple headphone jack like set up, this wasn’t optimal. Over several days I switched it to a proper digital coax input, massively increasing the sound quality (not to mention the sound bar now turns on when I turn the TV on) AND was able to get better use of it’s surround sound like features.

In short, I geeked out about sound and annoyed Shawna through several days of frustration, discovery and finally: better sound.

All this to say: I needed a segue to talk about Surround Sound by Collective Arts and that’s the only surround sound related story I have!

Though, I could mention that my dad was a super early adopter and way back when I was a child we had one of the first proper 5.1 surround sound systems that were out there. It was pretty nifty!

On to the beer though: it’s a nice IIPA or Double IPA that is made in the hazy east coast (or New England) style. What’s cool about this series is that they actually rotate the hops used in the beer. The one I tried is the Enigma hop variant.

You can find Surround Sound in the LCBO, available in-store but also for home delivery so you can stay safe. It sits at 8.2% ABV and costs $4.45 a can.

Appearance: Hazy as heck. Looks like orange juice with a semi white head.
Aroma: Hints of orange and pine.
Taste: Tangerine and pine but in a good way. Hint of mint.
Aftertaste: Caramel and honey.
Overall: Quite good but hides it’s strength so be careful. Pair with dark chocolate.

Kole McRae

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