wpid-img_20150415_191018.jpgIt’s hard to talk about Collective Arts and just discuss the beer. Their tag line alone is “Art + Brewing.” Meaning they most definitely plan to blur the line between the two.

If you didn’t read our last review of them, the basic premise is that they take local art and use it on their bottles. Each bottle has a unique piece of art on it, making grabbing a beer from their 6-pack’s almost always a new experience.

While Rhyme & Reason isn’t new, I recently had a bottle (or three) while watching the first game of the play-offs where Montreal beat Ottawa. The game was intense and awesome, the beer paired with it perfectly.

The beer itself is called an IPA and they market it as somewhat sessionable. I would have to agree with them. While the 5.9% ABV is a bit heavier than your usual session IPA, the flavour is not as much a kick to the mouth as others. It’s a beer I find I can easily sip at while cheering on my team.

I had it in a balloon style glass. I totally did not share.

You can grab a 6-pack of Rhyme and Reason for $13.95 and it sits at 5.7% ABV.

On to the tasting!

Appearance: Dark orange. Filtered. Thick white head.
Aroma: Flowery hops with some tropical fruityness.
Taste: Bitter hops that are flowery and tropical. Makes me think of oranges and tangerine.
Aftertaste: Soft Hops bitterness.
Overall: A nice sessionable IPA.

Kole McRae

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