The one main differentiation of the Collective Arts beers is the way they pair them with art. It’s always a treat to browse the LCBO shelves and check out all the new art on Collective Arts bottles. I’m certainly a fan.

One of their newer entries is Ransack the Universe, a wonderfully named IPA that focuses on Galaxy hops (though others are involved.)

You can purchase a can at the LCBO for $3.25. It sits at 6.8% ABV.

Appearance: Orange and cloudy. Thick white head. Orange cream-sickle.
Aroma: Tangerine and mango. A bit of naval orange.
Taste: Less fruity with a bit of pine. Some apple skin.
Aftertaste: left with that apple skin and a tiny hint of smoke. Short.
Overall: A unique effort by Collective Arts. Nothing mind blowing but I certainly enjoyed it.

Kole McRae

Founder of Toronto Booze Hound. He can be seen drinking almost anything in the wild from beer to rum. Try not to startle him, he may use humour as a self defence method.

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