Sake is not the kind of alcohol I thought I would find being produced here in Toronto and yet here I am, writing a review for it.

You see, IZUMI, otherwise known as the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, is a sake maker based out of the Distillery district.

I am reviewing Nama Nama, a finalist for the last two years (2015 and 2014) at the Toronto Sake Challenge. This sake is an unpasteurized junmai style. This means that it contains no adjuncts and no brewers alcohol. Though not listed on the bottle, generally this style has a rice mill rate of at least 70%, meaning only 30% of the rice grain is left after milling.

This specific variant is not in the LCBO but it sits at 15% ABV and it costs $12.85 direct from the brewery.

Lets get on to the tasting notes!

Appearance: Clear and filtered. Very pale straw.
Aroma: Banana peel, clove and cheese rind.
Taste: Ripe banana and strawberries. A bit of coconut.
Aftertaste: just a hint of burning strawberries.
Overall: Light and easy drinking, soft on the pallet. Better for summer.

Kole McRae

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