Sorry for the slightly blurry photo, I guess I was a bit too excited to drink this! You see, this was tasted during a heatwave here in Toronto and a nice wheat beer is my favourite way to fight the summer heat.

Mojo is not just a wheat beer though. Made by Forked River Brewing, it combines a fruity nosed hops with rhubarb. Being a fan of strawberry rhubarb flavours in general, this guy caught my eye at the LCBO and I had to pick it up.

This beer sits at 4.5% ABV and costs $3.15 a can as pictured above.

Appearance: Straw gold and Unfiltered. White head fades fast.
Aroma: Banana and fresh rolls.
Taste: Juicy fruit start, it fades and turns into rolls and a hint of the rhubarb. Banana esters throughout.
Aftertaste: Very short and grassy.
Overall: Taste is very safe for a wheat, expected more rhubarb. As a wheat it’s great and refreshing though – would pair it with a patio and the summer heat.

Kole McRae

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