We have a Soda Stream at home and almost every night we make bubbly water and mix it with some fresh herbs or citrus. The new mix by Social Lite – Lemon Cucumber Mint is actually a flavour combination we make on a very regular basis. They made it, added some vodka and make a mix drink that will feel right at home on patio or in a backyard.

What we really like about their products is the lack of sugar or sweetener at all – these are adult drinks. Not to mention not as heavy on the old waistline as traditional mix drinks.

I have to admit, Dan, the CEO, dropped off the sample can (FOC) and Shawna and I promptly flew out to Thailand on our honeymoon the next day. This means the can sit sad and alone in our fridge for a full two weeks. We then completely forgot about it for… I don’t even know how long. I would recommend having this drink fresh, not like us. Do as I say, not as I do.

Currently only available in BC and Alberta at various prices but will be in Ontario soon. Expect it to be the same price as their other products ($9.95 a four pack) and it sits at a light 4% ABV.

Appearance: Clear, filtered with no head, just like the others.

Aroma: Mint, fresh cucumber and lemonade. Exactly as expected.

Taste: We have a Soda Stream at home and make this exact drink all the time – tastes like bubbly water and the above. No hint of vodka at all. Insanely light on the mouth feel and taste.

Aftertaste: None at all.

Overall: Fantastic. Will be buying a lot of this.

Kole McRae

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