wpid-img_20150506_202410.jpgI mentioned this on Twitter but I think it should be here as well: it was kind of expected that one of the big three would end up purchasing Mill St. They are a large, well respected craft brewery and the big three are all on a buying craze when it comes to craft. With their main products dwindling in sales they are looking to the surging craft beer scene to make up the profits.

So yes, I kind of expected this. Just not yet. I had hoped there was more time. Time we could enjoy together, sipping wonderful products.

But alas, no. Mill St is being purchased and there is nothing we can do about that.

Lets at least look at some of the good news: Labatt will be injecting some real money into Mill St. Meaning they will be able to increase production, lower prices and maybe even experiment more. It looks like no one is being laid off (yet!) and it means you’ll start seeing Mill St across more of Canada (look for them in Quebec very shortly.)

Still I can’t help feeling a bit of sadness that this brand will no longer be independent.

Kole McRae

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