Blood Brothers has really surprised people since their opening not too long ago. The consistently high quality coming out the rather small work space has been impressive to say the least.

We stop by on a pretty regular basis to try out their newest wares. Recently we grabbed a bottle of Horse Face IPA, almost entirely because of the name!

You can purchase a bottle at the bottle shop (now on Geary avenue!). Hopefully soon we will start seeing it at the LCBO! It sits at 7% ABV.

Appearance: Orange with hints of red. Lasting white head. Unfiltered.
Aroma: Mango and orange with some tangerine!
Taste: Super citrussy but with some guava and star fruit. This is amazing.
Aftertaste: Lasting Apple notes.
Overall: Easily one of my favourite beers now. Drink it on its own!

Kole McRae

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