With winter being far too cold I generally shy away from the light beers of summer and move into my collection of whisky and scotch. Today I sampled a small dram of Forty Creek’s Double Barrel Reserve.

Forty Creek was recently acquired by Campari Corporation, the owner of Wild Turkey Bourbon and Skyy vodka. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the quality of Forty Creek as I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite some time. Not to mention they have a history of winning awards, including being considered one of the best whiskys of North America.

On a cold night I find whisky is the only drink that can really warm me up. At 40% ABV it certainly should. A bottle costs just $59.95 at the LCBO.

Here be my tasting notes:

Appearance:  Golden straw like but a bit darker. Nice thick legs.

Aroma: Cinnamon and cloves. Black cherry. A hint of apple. Honey comes through.

Taste: Surprisingly smooth. More of that cherry. Bit of orange and tangerine. Bit of a bite at the end. Honey at the end as well.

Aftertaste: Almost pure honey.

Overall: Very sweet and soft. Reminds me of nice Speyside scotches. Would certainly get it again.

Kole McRae

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