We absolutely love hiking the trails around Brickworks. They are beautiful and have the added bonus that once you are done your hike you can reward yourself with a drink! That’s how we first tried Ernest Cider. Ernest uses local apples (duh!) and a touch of local honey. Generally I find adding sweetener to a… Read More

We haven’t had much to say about Mill St. ever since they were purchased by AB InBev and effectively stopped being a craft brewery. But they still make some pretty good beer, and they are your best option for a brew if you happen to be catching a Jay’s game at the Roger’s Centre and cannot… Read More

I grew up in the Kitchener/Waterloo area so I am no stranger to Guelph (and Cambridge!). The problem is that I didn’t get into craft beer until well after I had moved on to bigger cities! Luckily, some of the beers made in those great cities are available at the LCBO, and I am incredibly… Read More

Well here it goes: I’m about to review a Sleeman product. Generally we focus on craft beers here but we do have to hit up the macros from time to time. Sleeman is one of the largest beer producers in the province. It is owned by Sapporo which in turn also owns Unibroue over in Quebec.… Read More