PictureThis weekend we took the chance to visit Bellwoods, a favourite brewpub of ours.

While there we tried, well, how do I put it delicately? We tried the entire menu of beer.

Which is kind of scary!

One of the beers we sampled was Donkey Venom, a brett barrel aged stout. Which is not your standard ale!

This means you can expect the chocolate and coffee tones of a stout combined with the sour tones (amongst others!) of a brett saison.

On the website they say you might like it if you enjoy mixing red wine with chocolate. Quite the description!

Donkey Venom is NOT available at the LCBO, it is only available at the Bellwoods Bottle Shop or in the brewpub itself. It sits at 9.5% ABV.

Appearance: Black as my winter coat. Or like my dog! So fully black is what I’m saying. No head.
Aroma: Sour first and then a Smokey sweetness like brown sugar. Cherries.
Taste: Smooth and soft mouth feel. Sour and Caramel. Hint of earthiness. Lots of cherries and green apple.
Aftertaste: long and Caramel.
Overall: mmmmmmmmm.

Kole McRae

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