DammerungDunkelMillStFrom time to time, I find myself looking for any excuse to make a trip towards the Distillery District. “The little local shops are to die for,” I think to myself, all the while knowing my intentions are reserved for one thing – beer. I love the scenic walk down the old cobblestone pathways to the doorstop of 21 Tank House Lane, known better as Mill St. Brewery. Usually if I have time I’ll stop in for something to eat or try one of their many beers on tap, however this visit was just to pick up a few things from their retail outlet.

My attention was drawn instantly to the bottle – a lone wolf howling at a full moon with olde German typography: Dammerung Dunkel. Mill St. classifies this beer as a Traditional German Style Dark Lager. Dunkel is used to describe a wide variety of German Lagers, it also is the German word meaning Dark. Dunkle Lager’s are generally characterized by their smooth-malty flavor and Mill St.’s version, which is brewed with a touch of German noble hops to balance the malty sweetness, does not disappoint.

Dammerung Dunkel [5.0% ABV] is available in the Mill St. Winter 2014-15 Sampler pack available at the LCBO, or in single bottles available at the Mill St Brew Pub retail store.

Appearance: Deep Brown, smooth light creamy head.

Aroma: Definite chocolate tones, mild floral aroma.

Taste: Starts with a really nice dark chocolate bitter-sweet malt, not as rich as I would have expected. It stays true to an easy drinking lager, it’s not too hoppy or malty at all, very smooth and balanced.

Aftertaste: A satisfying espresso bitterness.

Overall: Just really nice dark German style lager, that is smooth and balanced. Was not expecting to enjoy this one as much as I did.

Kirk Macdonald
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