Narrator: In an alternate future, in the city of Etobicoke Ontario, in a world where IPA’s have become predictable in nature, Great Lakes Brewery has been secretly developing a bold, justice seeking cyborg which is programmed to blast your taste buds with its robust technology!

[Camera pans to a brick wall which then explodes outward to unveil our hero – Robohop!]

This is probably why they never accepted my application to film school…

Great Lakes Brewery is back with another one of their Tank 10 Series beers. If you are unaware of the tradition of the Tank 10 Series, Great Lakes has reserved fermentation tank #10 to let their mastermind brewers cook up whatever delicious concoction their hearts desire.

Now, Robhop has been around for a few years, available in cans from the brewery, however, it is now available at LCBO’s in (what I have come to expect) 650ml bottles with their signature killer artwork.

Robohop is dubbed an Imperial/Double IPA – what does that mean? Simply put: take a regular IPA and put it on steroids. Imperial/Double IPA’s are generally beers with a higher ABV and staying true to this standard, Robohop hits you with an action packed ABV of 8.5%. Available at LCBO in 650ml bottles for $8.95, this beer is a blockbuster of citrus & bitterness.


Appearance: Medium amber/deep gold, thick unfiltered cloudiness. Soft, creamy, prolonged head and little carbonation.

Aroma: Citrus and pine. Fresh tropical fruit – grapefruit and guava. Bready malts.

Taste: Tropical citrus, really sweet beginning that turns to a grapefruit bitterness with a hop driven palate. Silky mouthfeel. Grapefruit is really the forefront of this one. Although it is not harsh, I was very aware of the increased ABV in Robohop.

Aftertaste: What a long and dry finish – very satisfying. I am not sure I’ve ever experienced a longer finish on an IPA.

Overall: This is a much sweeter/malt character than most IPA’s from Great Lakes Brewery. Very enjoyable, I can’t stress enough the journey that is the finish of this beer – it really keeps circling your taste buds for many minutes after a savory gulp.


I wanted to end this with one more action movie cliché, however, I think I’ve overstayed my welcome. But I’ll Be Back! (I hate myself).



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