We went on a road trip recently that involved a hell of a lot of craft alcohol. Don’t worry, we have a massive post about it coming soon! While on that trip we visited a place called Wolfhead Distillery.

Wolfhead is a brand new distillery so I didn’t have high hopes going into it (it takes a while to get your flavour profile down) but I was pleasantly surprised with the tasting flight we had while there.

There is very little information about the whisky itself available online. I was able to talk to someone who worked there and they told me it is a mix of spirits that have been barrel aged together.

One thing the owner has mentoned frightens me a tad, simply because that isn’t my style at all!

“It seems to be a growing trend in the industry right now, flavoured whisky, A lot more women are drinking whisky than in the past (and flavoured whisky is) also a little softer and a little sweeter. So we’re kind of going after that market.”

This whisky sits at 40% ABV and is currently not available at the LCBO.

On to the tasting notes:

Appearance: Light caramel. Beautiful tears, lots of them moving quickly.
Aroma: Green apple and caramel. Very sweet.
Taste: Vanilla and hardwood. Some butterscotch and more caramel.
Aftertaste: Long with a bit of pepper.
Overall: A great first effort, excited for their other offerings.

Kole McRae

Founder of Toronto Booze Hound. He can be seen drinking almost anything in the wild from beer to rum. Try not to startle him, he may use humour as a self defence method.