I’ve always been a Rye fan but the logistics of making a legal Canadian Rye Whisky generally keeps the small producers from ever properly making one.

When you need to barrel age your whisky for 3 years at a minimum just to get started, much of the time that is the entire lifespan of the small producer.

Enter Kinsip.

Kinsip has made a Rye using barrels they actually produce in-house. They recooper, or re-make wine barrels and age their whisky in them.

Kinsip also happens to be one of the distilleries that have started making hand sanitizer and even throw in a free one with any spirit order (not to mention also giving you free shipping for any order over $50!).

You can purchase Coopers Revival directly from the Kinsip website. It retails for $59.95 and sits at 40% ABV. Normally it’s available at the LCBO for the same price but seems to be completely sold out.

Appearance: Classic golden brown. Thick legs.
Aroma: Moss and tobacco. Some vanilla and caramel.
Taste: Wood grain, butterscotch, creamed corn and some hint of caramel. Not too oily of a mouth feel.
Aftertaste: Smoke.
Overall: A good craft whisky. Lots of barrel and not too much burn.

Kole McRae

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