Bocks have got to be one of my all-time favourite beers available. While I’m generally an ale fanatic (especially if it has imperial anywhere in the name) the lager that can always make my mouth water is a bock. The story goes that bocks were originally brewed for monks that would fast during the spring… Read More

Vicar’s Vice Olde Ale comes in a wax sealed bottle. There’s something about wax sealed bottles that draw me in – perhaps it’s the extra bit of effort required to open one, perhaps it’s the possibility of cellaring the beer inside. Amsterdam Brewery releases this bad boy every winter, and while stocks are running low, it’s… Read More

It has a Scottish Terrier on the bottle. And it’s a scotch ale. Of Course Kole McRae is going to pick up a bottle. It’s like they brewed this just for me! I’m talking about the Wee Heavy Scotch Ale by Amsterdam Brewery. Scotch Ales, as the name implies come from Scotland. They generally don’t… Read More

Amsterdam’s (416) Local Lager has one of the best can designs I have ever come across. It features beautifully illustrated images from around the city and a wonderful green colour scheme. The name itself (416) comes from the area code for Toronto. At least, the oldest of the area codes. Now a days it’s a… Read More